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Migrant Center Manager

Section III
455. Migrant Center Manager
Under direction, plans, supervises and performs the work of operating the Center to which he/she is assigned. Performs other duties as directed, within classification.

Example of Duties:
The Center Manager is directly responsible for the efficient and business-like operations of the Center. Supervises and assigns work and directs the Center Aides in organizing maintenance, repair and construction programs. Depending on assignment, duties include, but are not limited to the following: Conduct eligibility interviews, process applications and determine eligibility of applicants for housing units; assigns housing based on family size and available housing stock; maintains records of applications and tenants assigned to units per OMS regulations; resolves tenant problems and disputes as appropriate; receive and collect rents from tenants; maintain property and inventory records; interpret regulations relating to operation of Center; participate in the maintenance and rehabilitation of all project facilities including living units, grounds, and on-site water and sewer systems; demonstrate a level comparable to a semi-skilled position in more than one of the following maintenance areas: custodial, plumbing, electrical, general carpentry and groundskeeping; respond to emergencies at the Center as required; assists in organizing Tenant Council; responsible for good relations with, and among, tenants; makes reports as required; inspects the Center daily to insure safety and prompt resolution of problems; communicates information of all activities to the Housing Manager. Operates automotive and other equipment.

Employment Standards:
Ability in organizing a work crew and schedule of activity. Able to perform many manual tasks with the Center personnel as well as supervise them. A working knowledge of basic principles of organization, personnel management and general office procedures, especially in regards to recordkeeping and administration of tenant and petty cash accounts. Must be able to communicate effectively both in writing and orally; bilingual (Spanish/English) knowledge is desirable. A knowledge of construction standards and techniques is helpful, and must have sufficient working knowledge of various hand tools, including but not limited to saws, mowers and tractors. Must perform carpentry, electrical, plumbing and grounds maintenance work. Selects, trains, supervises, and evaluates subordinates as directed. Works efficiently with tenants and others contacted in course of work, and is able to work independently. Ability to make sound judgments relative to the interpretation and application of program regulations. Must be of good  moral character and integrity, be bondable, and complete all work in a safe and timely manner. Mandatory to reside in the assigned Center year-round.

Equivalent to two years of college (48 units or more), and practical experience in supervisory and/or management positions. Two years of actual experience in an office clerical, construction trade, or property management position will be accepted as equivalent to two years (48 units) of completed college education.

Mandatory to possess a valid California driver’s license, and must present DMV printout if required by employer for verification. Applicant must also be insurable and acceptable to the insurance company providing auto insurance to the Housing Authority.

Other Qualifications:
Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could be likely to provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying. Must be able to verify that physical condition is satisfactory for the requirements of the job. Employees must demonstrate the ability to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals as defined within the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. Initial employment shall be conditional on such verification as determined by a required standard pre-employment physical at the expense of the Employer. Existing Housing Authority employees are exempt from satisfying this criteria regarding the conditionality of employment prefaced by a preemployment physical examination. To be an employee of the Housing Authority, a person must be a citizen of the United States or an alien who has been either lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or authorized to be employed under the terms of the Immigration And Nationality Act, as amended, or as directed by the Attorney General. Must also attest to the fact that he/she is a United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence or authorized employment, and must provide supporting documents to show identity and employment authorization.