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Executive Director

Section III

710. Executive Director

The Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the County of Merced is directly responsible to the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority for the execution and operation of all housing programs of the agency in Merced County, as established by the Board policies. Also serves as Secretary-Treasurer. Generally, overall obligation and responsibility for the business-like functions of all projects. Must maintain efficient and economical operations, assuring the Commissioners of compliance with all contracts, regulations and requirements of Federal and Local Authorities.

Example of Duties:
The Executive Director-Secretary is General Manager and Director of all aspects of any Housing Program, conducted by the Authority in Merced County; and is the representative of the Authority in matters concerning public relations and program problems. The Executive Director also assumes responsibility for financial planning for all programs of the Authority, including responsibility for all fiscal matters, such as bank arrangements, surplus funds, investments programs, and accurate accounting procedures. The Executive Director represents the Local Authority in all matters involving contracts with Federal, State or Local agencies, and on all administrative matters. Is responsible for the execution of local policy and legal requirement affecting all tenants and tenant
applicants. Resolves basic human relationships involved in the day to day problems of tenant, their neighbors, and various problems relating to the welfare of the projects. Is responsible for maintaining an experienced staff to handle the myriad details common to Housing Programs and assuring that the Program objectives are achieved. Prepares for, and participates in, the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Is responsible for the delegation of authority and assignment of workloads to accomplish maximum efficiency and economy, and prepares and submits an Annual Report, showing all financial statements and operating facts to the County Board of Supervisors, as required by Law. Operate automotive and other equipment. Employment

Ability to coordinate work and departments and to administer the business affairs of the Authority. A working knowledge of State and Federal Laws covering Housing. An affable personality, good memory, good judgment, sound moral character, and integrity. Have a thorough knowledge of modern principles and practices of administration.

Equivalent to four years of college training in Liberal Arts or Business and Sociology. Administrative experience in a job comparable to that of an Executive Director of a Housing Authority.

Mandatory to possess a valid California Driver’s License. May be required to present a DMV printout upon request by the Employer for verification. If a valid license is required, applicant must also be insurable and acceptable to the insurance company providing auto insurance to the Housing Authority.

Other Qualifications:
Must be able to verify that physical condition is satisfactory for the requirements of the job. Employees must demonstrate the ability to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals as defined within the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. Initial employment shall be conditional on such verification as determined by a required standard preemployment physical at the expense of the Employer. Existing Housing Authority employees are exempt from satisfying this criteria regarding the conditionality of employment prefaced by a pre-employment physical. To be an employee of the Housing Authority, a person must be a citizen of the United States, or an alien who has been either lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or authorized to be employed under the terms of the Immigration And Nationality Act, as amended, or as directed by the Attorney General. Must also attest to the fact that he/she is a United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence or authorized employment, and must provide supporting documents to show identity and employment authorization.