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Eligibility Lead Worker

Section III

355. Eligibility Lead Worker

Under direction, functions as a lead worker in an eligibility unit, interacting with clients and staff in support of the agency mission statement. Performs complicated and specialized duties involved in intake and on-going case management; quality control and assurance; HQS inspections; training and mentoring of staff, and provides operational and technical support. This position differs from the Eligibility and Housing Program Specialist series in that the Lead Worker has a broader scope of independence of action, and an increased level of accountability.

Example Of Duties:
Essential functions of this position may include, but are not limited to the following:
•-Performs multiple and complex eligibility determination functions relating to verification, income and asset calculations, generation of required documents, and proper maintenance of tenant files.
– Receives and processes suspected cases of impropriety or fraud, and takes appropriate action, including direct counseling of clients/owners/agents, and assists in preparation and conduct of informal reviews and formal hearings.
– Utilizes a proprietary automated system to properly enter and retrieve client/owner documentation, and accurately annotate computer files; compile data for statistical reports, and maintain confidentiality at all access levels.
– Maintains extensive knowledge of HUD regulations, other housing programs administered by the Housing Authority, HACM administrative plans, policies, internal operating procedures and Federal Housing Quality Standards, and their appropriate application.
– Negotiates with owners/agents regarding fair market rents and annual rent adjustment factors.
– Prepares and processes portability documents for clients wanting to port out/into the county, and coordinates with other respective agencies involved.
– Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, and maintains a positive working relationship with other staff, clients and owners.
– Performs special projects of moderate to difficult complexity and works with other staff to research discrepancies, correct errors and assist in resolving issues.
– Assists in maintaining and monitoring PIC reporting system, and assists with quality control audits of physical client files, and performs on-site HQS inspections.
– Provides general department training on policies and procedures and individual mentoring of departmental staff which may involve incidental supervision within the course and scope of a training curriculum.
– Safely and legally operates a passenger vehicle in the performance of duties, and performs other duties as assigned.

Marginal functions associated with this classification may include but are not limited to the following: Performs a variety of clerical duties, including typing, filing, recordkeeping, proofreading and processing of information involved in the preparation, maintenance and processing of client data. Formats, structures, and prepares letters to clients/owners/agents involving questions of leasing and eligibility. May represent the agency at public meetings and/or conferences.

Employment Standards:
Knowledge of: programs, policies and procedures of the Housing Authority of the County of Merced; applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, including those affecting eligibility and administration of subsidized housing programs; principles of research and data collection; modern office procedures, methods, and use of computer and other standard office equipment. Also must demonstrate knowledge of standard business mathematics; principles and practices of tenant and public relations; correct and effective written and oral communication; techniques and practices of indepth and analytical interviewing and application screening; procedures and process of the PIC reporting system, including maintenance and reconciliation of data; preparation and conduct of administrative hearings; training and staff development methods; evaluation of criteria and application of Federal Housing Quality Standards; departmental
and community resources available to clients; principles and procedures of case management applicable to housing program clients, and basic supervisory techniques. Demonstrate ability to: perform job tasks with a minimum amount of direct supervision; post and make arithmetic computations rapidly and accurately; correctly follow oral and written instructions; safely operate various types of standard office equipment, including the ability to type at least 40 words per minutes. Also requires the ability to maintain confidentiality; provide analytical and technical support for other department staff; research, analyze and evaluate data as directed, and make sound, accurate  recommendations; develop and participate in appropriate training of department staff; establish and maintain effective working relationships with people contacted in the course and scope of employment; organize assigned work, develop priorities and exercise sound judgment within established guidelines; explain complex information clearly, converse with a wide variety of personalities in a pleasant and helpful manner; record information and data accurately and quickly; receive directions regarding assignments, follow through on assignments in a proper and timely manner, and be able to work ofmultiple assignments simultaneously with accurate results; perform daily tasks under stressful conditions and with frequent interruptions, and maintain a level of competency required for satisfactory job performance.
Must also have the following skills: operate computer programs within a Windows XP or upgraded program environment, including Word, Excel, and agency-developed software programs; properly operate electronic calculators and related department equipment; show planning, organizational and time management skills in establishing personal work priorities to ensure completion of job tasks within a specified time frame, and demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills. Must be able to analyze and interpret data and information effectively and correctly; apply effective training and mentoring techniques; be able to perform essential functions within an office environment; demonstrate effective presentation skills, and be able to safely operate a motor vehicle. Bilingual skills are also desirable.

Equivalent to two (2) years of college (48 units or more) in a general curriculum which may include academic courses relating to business administration, management practices, real estate, humanities, social sciences, or other courses of study related to the essential functions of this position. One year of experience in eligibility work in a public or Indian Housing Authority; a non-profit housing provider, public or private building inspection service; real estate/property management firm, will be accepted as equivalent to one year (24 units) of completed college education. Any trade school course in any area related to a related building construction trade will be accepted as equivalent to six (6) units of completed college education. Experience used to satisfy the education requirement must be in addition to any other experience requirements of this position.

In addition to the education requirements, this position requires at least two (2) years of progressively responsible work experience in eligibility work within a public or inspection service; real estate/property management, or other employment in which the essential functions of this position were performed. Two years of employment as a regular employee within an Eligibility Specialist 2 or Housing Program Specialist 2 position, may also satisfy the experience requirement for this position. Experience must also include working within a general office environment, and performing a high level of customer service, either by phone or in person.

Mandatory to possess a valid California Driver’s license, and must present DMV printout if required by employer for verification. Applicant must also be insurable and acceptable to the insurance company providing auto insurance to the Housing authority.

Other Qualifications:
Must be able to verify that physical condition is satisfactory for the requirements of the position. Employees must demonstrate the ability to satisfactorily and safely perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, for disabled individuals as defined within the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. Initial employment shall be conditional on such verification and determination by a required standard pre-employment physical at the expense of the Housing Authority. Existing Housing Authority employees are exempt from satisfying this criteria regarding the conditionality of employment prefaced by a pre-employment physical. To be an employee of the Housing Authority, a person must be a citizen of the
United States, or an alien who has been either lawfully admitted for permanent residence or authorized to be employed under the terms of the Immigration And Nationality Act, as amended, or as directed by the Attorney General. Must also attest to the fact that he/she is a United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence or authorized employment, and must provide supporting documents to show identify and employment authorization.