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Administrative Clerk I

Section III

202. Administrative Clerk I

Under supervision of the assigned program manager, performs work of average difficulty in filing and general clerical, computer input, and maintenance of statistical records. Performs other duties of an administrative nature within the classification.

Example of Duties:
Performs general office work as required, including but not limited to: transcription of letters, memoranda and other material; maintains incidental records;tabulates and types reports of less complex data; processes forms and general communications; inputs data into the Agency computer program and produces reports as required. Must be able to assume normal duties of the Receptionist/Typist position as required in the absence of the regularly assigned employee. Assists the Administrative Clerk II as designated by the assigned supervisor.

Employment Standards:
Basic knowledge of the methods, practices and terminology used in filing and/or statistical and clerical work, and the ability to perform work of average difficulty without close supervision. Ability to make mathematical computations rapidly and accurately and to follow oral and written directions of assigned supervisor. Ability to operate various types of office equipment, including a facsimile machine, and to type at least 30 words per minute. Ability to compose routine letters and memoranda; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the public, other agency employees, and other government officials. Must be able to operate a multi-line, multiuser centralized phone system, and process incoming and outgoing mail as directed.

Equivalent to completion of high school and some degree of practical experience in a general clerical/administrative function involving those areas listed under “Employment Standards.” A GED certificate or other certification of satisfactory completion from a technical or vocational school in any area related to general office or clerical proficiency will be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma.

Mandatory to possess a valid California drivers’ license, and must present DMV printout if required by employer for verification. Applicant must also be insurable and acceptable to the insurance company providing auto insurance to the Housing Authority.

Other Qualifications:
Must be able to verify that physical condition is satisfactory for the requirements of the job. Must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory ability to safely bend and lift various equipment and materials utilized in the regular performance of work, with or without reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals as defined within the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. All physical requirements shall be applicable to the tasks and duties listed for employees within this classification. Initial employment shall be conditional on such verification as determined by a pre-employment physical at the expense of the Employer. Existing Housing Authority employees are exempt from satisfying this criteria regarding the conditionality of employment prefaced by a pre-employment physical examination. To be an employee of the Housing Authority, a person must be a citizen of the United States, or an alien who has been either lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or authorized to be employed under the terms of the Immigration And Nationality Act, as amended, or as directed by the Attorney General. Must also attest to the fact that he/she is a United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence or authorized employment, and must provide supporting documents to show identity and employment authorization.